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xodarap replied 15 years ago (Nov 3rd 2008, 7:09:25 pm)
Equity is a fascinating concept and, I believe anyway, an implicit reality the true nature of which is obscured by excessive/obsessive insistance that money must be the measure of all things. Even greater damage is done through implimentation of the belief that money profit is the single most important indicator of success in any project. I therefore question the part that a for-profit entity would play in the running of the Canoniser. I can see easily enough how a not-for-profit company or similar corporate body would almost certainly be needed to maintain, develop and expand the Canoniser as its forums grow to encompass all the significant dimensions of human thought and aspiration. There is much I do not know or understand about how and where the Canoniser is hosted. I do not know if host location and nature is particularly important. I do know that the true source of wealth and value is human labour and therefore it is extremely important that the canoniser is backed up effectively and efficiently so as to proctect the ever more valuable information that will be embodied in the differentiation amongst topics and opinion camps and their statements.