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Damir replied 12 years ago (Jan 16th 2012, 8:35:26 am)
Dear all, I would add here a little known heat pollution. What is actually happening is that our huge appetite for energy is releasing more and more heat into the atmosphere. Now, few hundred years ago this was not a problem for we had plenty of forests to sort this one out. Simply speaking, forests induce vertical air circulation --- and that takes heat captured in vapour in the cooler regions of the atmosphere --- and we had rain. Today, we have rapidly reduced the overall surface of forests on our planet --- and much more uncondensed vapour around. And the vapour is the most potent of all GHG. The reduction of coastal forests in Australia --- 40,000 years ago --- may have led to the desertification of the Australian interior. I would like to see this expressed in this camp also. If not, I'll add a new one. Have a nice day,