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Brent_Allsop updated a year ago (Aug 10th 2022, 10:44:20 pm)

As far as the “endorses himself as a moral expert” issue that camp is an early start at creating a peer ranking algorithm where all the peers are asked to rank each other, including themselves.  Deserving experts like Steven Lehar, rank themselves as top experts in their field.  I simply include myself in those lists because they are topics I am extremely interested in.  But you will notice, that in all cases, including that moral expert topic, I rank myself as the bottom of all living experts.  So, in reality, I consider myself inferior to most all other experts in those fields.  Everyone is encouraged to add themselves, if they are interested in those fields.  May the best experts achieve the most peer ranked expert consensus in their fields of interest.

Lincoln Cannon replied a year ago (Aug 10th 2022, 4:12:04 pm)

Buyer beware, indeed. No one should trust your exaggerations, mischaracterizations, and paranoia.

Quirinus replied a year ago (Aug 10th 2022, 3:28:46 pm)

So, we note with fascination that this camp, advocating the superior contributions to society that religious congregations make, while denigrating the contributions of atheists, enjoys the support of Brent Allsop, who identifies as a "Mormon-Atheist" and also endorses himself as a "Moral Expert".   (????)

So, this camp, a rather lame response to a notable scenario of unethical collaboration involving obvious dishonesty, he (Allsop) deems worthy of his support, while considering this camp, advocating accuracy and fairness in communication, unworthy of his support for the reasons stated here.   

Let's not overlook the glaring absence of Allsop's support for calling the lies told here, in the hypothetical, an instance on unethical conduct.

This would be that same Brent Allsop who identifies Lincoln Cannon, also a supporter of this camp, as a "Top Mormon Expert".   

Gee!  We'd be fascinated to learn what "Top Mormon Expert", Lincoln Cannon's views on the Mormon Church's doctrinal position on their unique authority in the ministry might be.     

Be that as it may, we consider this a valuable contextual revelation as to the claim of moral expertise, Allsop credits himself with, and the credibility behind his identification of Lincoln Cannon as a "Top Mormon Expert".

Buyer beware!