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Playing With Your Cards Face Down
Thread Created at Aug 25th 2022, 11:34:32 pm | Started by Mark-Shamy
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Brent_Allsop replied a year ago (Aug 27th 2022, 8:48:45 am)


Mark-Shamy replied a year ago (Aug 25th 2022, 11:46:43 pm)

Many aspects of human society like business and politics are games under John Nash's formal definition. In these games, agents compete with each other using strategies that depend on information and execution of decisions. Consider a card game where one player decides that they will lay down their hand of cards face up on the table for all other players to see. How does this affect of the dynamics of the game and the strategy of the players? Does this create an advantage or disadvantage to the transparent player?

It's my belief that leaderless organization are superior to hierarchal ones, that they are so superior that can win over competing hierarchies not in spite of their transparency, but because of it. They can play with their cards face up, not down.