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TBM 1959 replied a year ago (Aug 23rd 2022, 8:06:29 am)

1.)  "Some people don't trust some of the identities on the Canonizer" ...  "I'd like to prove their doubts wrong".   

How does one "not trust" an "identity" that hasn't been disclosed??   This profile is registered anonymously for very good reason.   Because we don't trust YOU for damn good reason!  Especially given what we have heard of malicious unfounded accusations and threats made against a Canonizer participant by management.   

More relevant questions:   

Is this profile representative of a single person who is not otherwise registered on the Canonzier?

No.  It is not.   It is representative of a group of 13 individuals who are not otherwise registered or otherwise represented on the Canonizer and who are collaborating in our responses through this pseudonym.   We came to check out reports of unethical and abusive conduct by management towards legitimate critics of their camps and conduct.   We are deeply disturbed by what we have learned so far.

2.)  Are "we" (any of us) willing to "jump on a face-to-face meeting" to prove our identity?

Given what we consider to be very credible reports of abusive unfounded accusations and coercive threats against critics by management.... we think that would be inappropriate at this time.   You might want to clean up your reputation and build a little more trust.   

There are other similar groups now on the Canonizer through pseudonyms that we are aware of.  (Such as Maria) You might ask them the same question.  We heard rumors that one member of one of the other groups is willing to make an appearance on a limited basis but we can't say for sure.  


Brent_Allsop replied a year ago (Aug 23rd 2022, 1:32:39 am)

Hi TBM.  Eventually we will have a KYC service that will eventually be required for people’s votes to be counted on Canonizer.  But in the meantime, would you be willing to jump on a face-to-face meeting to do this by hand?  Also, there are some people that don’t trust some of the identities on Canonizer.  I’d like to prove their doubts wrong.  So, could I make a personal request for something that would accomplish this from you, for this and other important to me reasons?