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Brannock replied 2 years ago (Aug 10th 2021, 12:56:00 am)

I suspect that this topic was intended to be "Does the Canonizer accomplish its goal" but for lack of room (30 character limit) it was typed as Does canon accomplish its Goal".   

I will address my thoughts to the Canonizer question....

Clearly, that depends on what its goal is.... and this is an excellent opportunity (in this camp statement) to make that clear.    My hesitancy with the Canonizer was largely due to a misperception (I think) about what that goal is.   

Given the name (Canonizer) it is easy to slide to the conclusion that the goal is to establish truth by majority vote.   That gives rise to intellectual resistance from more thoughtful people, because more thoughtful and education people well understand that majority vote usually has very little to do with truth.   

As it turns out, the Canonizer, as I now understand it, is not trying to "establish truth" by "majority vote".    Rather, it is trying to identify and track consensus by giving it a workable platform while facilitating the evolution of that Consensus.   The former is not a very impressive goal.   The latter is a most impressive and constructive goal.    

The opportunity to clarify its goal and distinguish it from that which it is not, should not be overlooked, in this man's view.