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john locke replied 15 years ago (Jan 5th 2009, 11:30:39 pm)
"physical function of the brain"? not for me, as this constricts us to physicalism and we need to be more general than that as Stephen Harrison says. "Brain-linked" can include physicalism but "physicalism" cannot include all that is implied by brain-linked. Also physicalism is not a scientific theory but a metaphysical one for which there is no scientific evidence.
slehar replied 15 years ago (Jan 5th 2009, 3:26:20 am)
How about: "...and a physical function of the brain" ?
Brent_Allsop replied 15 years ago (Jan 4th 2009, 10:55:23 pm)
John Smythies, the Director of the Division of Neurochemistry at the Center for Brain and Cognition at University of California has proposed a name change to the parallel camp developing in the new topic on theories of the mind. John is proposing a change to the camp title. * Current live version: ** '''Consciousness is Real, Representational, and Part of Or Brain''' **http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/88/6?as_of_mode=as_of&as_of_date=09/01/04 * John's Proposed Change now in review for one week: ** '''Consciousness is Real, Representational, and Brain-linked''' **http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/88/6?as_of_mode=as_of&as_of_date=09/01/11 What do all of you think about this change? Can we get a quick survey? I think the current version is better but I don't plan on objecting in a bid to get John in our camp. I also currently intend on making a similar change to this camp here for the same reasons. So if any of you would object to such a change please let us know so we can figure out what is best for everyone. Thanks Brent Allsop