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Brent_Allsop replied 15 years ago (Oct 22nd 2008, 2:28:37 am)
Steve, Yes! That looks great. You are now a supporter of the lead camp on this 'Hard Problem' topic. You will now be included in the 'forum' for this camp which I am now using for this message so all other supporters can be included and it will be recorded for historical purposes. I'd like to make some improvements to the camp statement, and want to make sure everyone agrees with these proposed changes. I'd like to use the graphic you have on your representational page here: [http://cns-alumni.bu.edu/~slehar/Representationalism.html http://cns-alumni.bu.edu/~slehar/Representationalism.html] Also, we currently use the word "spirit" several times along with terms like 'phenomenal'. I'd like to add an '*' to each of the instances of spirit, and add a note at the bottom something like: *Note: It isn't easy to describe what we are talking about with common English. Terms like 'phenomenal' and 'spiritual' get close, but can also be misleading because these terms are so often used to mean other things than what we are talking about in this camp statement. Though this 'world in our head' has many similarities to what people commonly think of when they use the term 'spirit world' it should be very clear that what we are talking about here is completely dependent on, or a property of the living matter in our brain. Brent Allsop