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Brent_Allsop replied 15 years ago (Aug 10th 2008, 4:38:20 am)
Lenny, I see you have recently joined a second camp on this topic, and I wanted to seek some clarifications on what you mean by this. In general at canonizer.com, if there are two different and mutually excusive theories that you think have a chance of being true, joining both of the camps, as you have done, is a good way of expressing such beliefs. But if the two camps or theories are not mutually exclusive, or perhaps your camp is fully supportive of the other, your camp just making some additional specifications others in the camp may not fully agree with, a better way to represent this might be to instead move your camp into a supportive sub camp of the other, rather than just supporting both of them as isolated and competing camps. For example, my vote in the "nature has ineffable phenomenal properties camp" is fully counted there, and in all parent camps, which I fully believe in and support. You can change the parent camp of any camp via the "Manage/Edit This Camp" link in your camp. When you split your vote like this, you get less off a vote for each of your votes. But if you instead moved your camp into a supportive sub position of the "Consciousness is a fundamental quality of Absolute Space", and only supported your camp, your entire vote would be fully counted in the parent camp, giving it a score of 4, instead of 3.25, and the support of your camp would remain at 1, instead of .5. It would also imply that people in your camp, fully agree with everything in the parent camp, rather than everyone just thinking the other camp was a different competing camp, less likely to be true than your first choice camp or theory. Anyway, if the way you have it is the way you want it. That is fine. I just wanted to make sure you understood all of the options and implications. Thanks for the support! Brent Allsop