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fixall replied 15 years ago (Aug 5th 2008, 9:51:13 am)
I object to a consolidation of the prior to brain concept with any other physical based opinions. While I do not think of prior to brain as a supernatural thing, whatever that might mean, I am convinced that prior to brain means non-physical when physical is defined in the mundane way we would ordinarily find in a typical dictionary. Are thoughts "physical?" I believe that it is possible and very likely that the physical can combine with other forms of the physical and create via the emergent relationship something that cannot be described as "physical" in a mundane way. It may be that in the future when we finally discover all there is, the non-physical will be considered physical, but today I am convinced that there is more than just the physical. In short there are forms of energy that cannot be measured by any physical means.
Brent_Allsop replied 15 years ago (Aug 5th 2008, 4:36:06 am)
Hello consciousness thinkers, At the moment, there seems to be a 3 way tie for the most popular super camps regarding this "Hard Problem". There is the "Consciousness is real, representative, and a part of our brain" camp with 3 supporters and the "There is no genuine hard problem of consciousness" camp with 3 supporters, and finally the "Consciousness is prior to and independent of the brain" camp. The opening comment in the "Consciousness is prior to and independent of the brain" states: "This does not imply that consciousness is supernatural or magic." The statement implies that the 3 people in this camp - fixall, Joseph McCard (and Johnny, in a supporting sub camp) all agree with what is generally said in the "The Hard Problem has nothing to do with the supernatural" camp here: http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/23/6 Currently, the "Consciousness is prior to and independent of the brain" camp is in a competing sibling camp to this camp, implying that there is some disagreement between the supporters of the two on this issue. My question is, for the 3 people in the consciousness is prior camp, is there anything in "The Hard Problem of consciousness has nothing to do with the supernatural" statement that you disagree with. If not then it would be beneficial to everyone to move your camp from a competing sibling camp, to be a supporting sub camp. If we moved this camp under the 'has nothing to do with the supernatural' we could remove the "This does not imply that consciousness is supernatural or magic" statement since such would already be implied in this supporting position. If so, this would make things much more concise and quantitatively accurate of what we all believe. If fixall, Joseph, or Johnny would object to someone making such changes, preventing such from going live, please let us know why. If so, the goal would be to find some way to compromise and resolve any objections to improve the has nothing to do with the supernatural camp so it can be more inclusive and well supported, rather than having similar information repeated in competing or contradictory camps. If you have no objections, you need to do nothing, and one of us will make these proposed changes. Thanks Brent Allsop