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Brent_Allsop replied 15 years ago (Nov 28th 2008, 10:30:46 pm)
Eldon, It is great to have at lest one person supporting the Policy should not change camp. I'd like to get some clarification on just what it is you believe on this issue if I could. I think there are two separate issues here. First could be should the church have the right to exclude others from their ceremonies. If one is talking about this issue, I would be completely in your camp. I consider myself a Mormon Transhumanist Atheist. And as such a 'Mormon' I very much support the church and their right to follow a prophet that makes such decisions. And as a Mormon, I myself also sustain our prophet and any such decisions he makes along these lines. I abide by the directives - I will not be attending any of my children's or other family member's weddings in the temple because they consider me, as an atheist, to be unworthy. And I will fully accept, support, and abide by such. But, that issue is not the purpose of this topic. I would bet that most, if not all of the people in the competing camp, would agree with you, and would be in the same camp as you, if this was the purpose of this topic. But the purpose of this topic is more about simple communication, and what is it individual people value. An example would be, if the prophet were to come to you and ask you what you wanted, and what would be best for you, what would you say would be best for you personally? I'm sure most of the people in the change camp support, sustain, and abide by the right of the church to have exclusionary policies. But, if the leader of such a hierarchical institution were interested in the desires of its members, canonizer.com is meant to be a place where this kind of open survey information from large groups of people can happen. So, given all that, what is your feeling on both of these two very different topics? Brent Allsop