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Brannock replied 2 years ago (Aug 9th 2021, 10:59:24 pm)

This is supporting argument to my challenge to the claim that Civility is a prerequisite to all human interaction.

A prerequisite is something that is required before something else can occur or begin.   Accordingly, a prerequisite to all human interaction suggests something that is required before any human interaction can begin.    Clearly, while a warm and fuzzy thought about human interaction, it is a patently false notion.   Much, if not most human interaction occurs in the absence of civility.   

Certainly, it may be quite true that some particular individual might require civility as a prerequisite to any interaction with humans that involves themselves.    No individual has the right to impose such a requirement (of a particular prerequisite) on the interactions of everyone else on the planet that do not involve themselves.   Such an imposition would, by reasonable standards, be an inappropriate over-reach into the lives and values of others, and thereby.... uncivil.   (a smile)

I recommend that civility (with appropriate definitional limits) should be encouraged, and support for the encouragement of civility would be best achieved by not degrading the advocacy with self defeating language that might be off putting to people who would otherwise support the cause.

One man's view.    Not one that is well known for his exemplary displays of civility.   But one who agrees that civility is a worthy and important aspiration.