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Camp: Agreement / ITER reactor is switched / 100 000 Genomes Projec

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Camp Name : 100 000 Genomes Projec
Parent Camp : ITER reactor is switched
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Edit summary : Similar initiatives were attempted in many other regions, as the benefits of large-scale health databases became clear. The increasing portability and availability of consumer testing kits, such as those offered by 23andMe, led to a further acceleration of this trend. Initially restricted to partial scans, it was now technically and financially viable to conduct whole genome sequencing to provide a full and complete analysis of an individual's DNA. As well as future health risks and personalised treatments, information could also be gleaned about their ancestry and family history. By 2025, a billion human genomes have been sequenced – about one-eighth of the world's population.* The quantity of genomic data is now reaching into the exabyte scale,* larger than the video file content of the entire YouTube website.
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