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Edit summary : World's first brain-scale AI solution Cerebras Systems, a California-based developer of semiconductors and AI, has announced a new system that can support models of 120 trillion parameters in a single computer. This giant expansion of computational power is accomplished by combining a refrigerator-sized CS-2 accelerator (pictured above) and four new innovations: Cerebras Weight Streaming, a new software execution architecture; Cerebras MemoryX, a memory extension technology; Cerebras SwarmX, a high-performance interconnect fabric technology; and Selectable Sparsity, for dynamic sparsity harvesting. The CS-2 is powered by the second-generation Wafer Scale Engine (WSE-2), each of which contains 2.6 trillion transistors, more than double the number in the 2019 version mentioned earlier. This giant chip also packs 850,000 AI optimised cores and is based on the 7 nanometre (nm) process. The new system will allow users to begin developing brain-scale neural networks and to distribute workloads over enormous clusters of AI-optimised cores with push-button ease. According to Cerebras, it sets a new benchmark in model size, compute cluster horsepower, and programming simplicity at scale.
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