Author: Jim Bennett

CES Reply: A Final Book of Mormon Sermon

I’ve been reminded that I’ve been slacking off in updating my serialized reply to the CES Letter. I apologize. I’m putting together several new projects for Canonizer designed to get people to use the Canonizer site, so I’ve neglected the serialization of my revised reply, which you can read in its entirety here. The main […]

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CES Reply: AMA Follow-up, Part 2

During my Reddit AMA which I discussed in yesterday’s post, I received a number of private messages from people frustrated that their angrier, more hostile questions were not allowed, and several insisted that I conduct a similar AMA in a different subreddit, one where I wouldn’t be treated with such kid gloves. This, of course, […]

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CES Reply: Adding Up the Hominems

Since the first time I published my CES Letter reply, I have been accused of engaging in “argumentum ad hominem,” a logical fallacy in which the person making the argument, not the argument itself, becomes the focus of the discussion. In other words, I’ve been repeatedly accused of ignoring Jeremy Runnells’s arguments in order to […]

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