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This section is a table of contents for this topic. It is in outline or tree form, with supporting sub camps indented from the parent camp. If you are in a sub camp, you are also counted in all parent camps including the agreement camp at the top. The numbers are canonized scores derived from the people in the camps based on your currently selected canonizer on the side bar. The camps are sorted according to these canonized scores. Each entry is a link to the camp page which can contain a statement of belief. The green line indicates the camp page you are currently on and the statement below is for that camp.

Canonizer Sorted Camp Tree
Camp Statement

Representational Qualia Theory

We are in the Representational Qualia Theory camp on Theories of Consciousness.

We believe the following:

  • Perception is a representational process.
  • Qualia are real and obviously critically important to any theory of consciousness - that our brain uses qualia to represent information.

Camp Support

Supporters can delegate their support to others. Direct supporters receive e-mail notifications of proposed camp changes, while delegated supporters dont. People delegating their support to others are shown below and indented from their delegates in an outline form. If a delegate changes camp, everyone delegating their support to them will change camps with them.

Support Tree for "Representational Qualia" Camp

Total Support for This Camp (including sub-camps): 10.75

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Topic Name: Hard Problem

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Current Camp Record:

Camp Name: Representational Qualia

Title: Representational Qualia Theory

Key Words: representative, real, scientific

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Parent Camp: Approachable Via Science